Workshop: Building Your Brand Through Social Media
Monday, April 4th through May 4th
Broadcast via Zoom®

Workshop description: Expand your reach and maximize on your organic growth and outreach to sell more business.

You will learn how to write for social media, learn about photo editing and recommended mobile apps for content creation, DIY photography and videography from industry leaders, and more.

We will dive into social media algorithms, hashtags, and how to increase overall engagement numbers while promoting your products. Learn how to gain more comfort on-camera from on-camera experts. We'll address time management on how to stay consistent while increasing brand sales.

Week one: Monday, 4/4 through Friday, 4/8 11A CST one-hour live stream session via Zoom®.

Weeks two through four: Tuesday and Thursday one-hour check ins on content creation process. Address wins and areas of opportunity.

How to join: Sign-up here.

Individual: $209
Teams of up to three members: $609
Teams of four or more: email

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